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Proven High Tech Recruitment expertise in Hardware, Software, Networking, Telecommunications, Semiconductor industries, biotechnology research, medical instrumentation, and related support technologies. We offer fully customized staffing solutions, both on site and off.
Duran HCP employs and delivers only top performers. Any recruiter presented to you will have a proven track record of success, with solid...
Experience - in your industry. Duran HCP recruiters are educated, well trained, seasoned professionals, with a...

Solid foundation - We provide our people with continuing professional development opportunities, training, mentorship and direction so that they can provide leveraged support to address your hiring needs. Our recruiters are employees of Duran HCP, so you're assured their...

Focus - is exclusively on your hiring needs, an not split among multiple clients. Your jobs and hiring managers get our full attention. Our expertise has always been in the high technology arena, so our recruiters benefit from extensive...

Peer Review and Advice - Duran recruiters gain access to the combined experience of our principals and entire recruiting staff adding up to a hundred plus years of individual contributor and management experience. Also, as part ot the Duran HCP Team, our recruiters receive...

Database & Research Support - Access to our extensive database and research service resources enable a "quick start" and focused energy to make an immediate impact.

Your satisfaction is Guaranteed through Managed Support - We are confident that once we have established communications and support channels you will be fully satisfied. Focused on ensuring success, our Contract Administration experts are chartered with maintaining an ongoing liaison with you and our assigned recruiter.

For more information on our services & rates, or to arrange a free, no pressure consultation, please contact:

Mariel Ippolito


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