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Whether you're bringing on a single contractor or manage an ongoing and large contingent workforce, our dedicated team of payroll experts will ensure that the process is smooth and seamless. Our staff will make certain that all the details of enrollment, taxes, compliance, reporting, and getting paid on time are handled efficiently and with personalized service.
An Employer Policy on the use of Independent Contractors might include:
  • All independent contractors must be paid through a purchase order with new screening criteria to determine if the proposed independent contractor meets IRS qualification standards.
  • PO's will not be processed if answers to the screening questions indicate that the independent contractor would likely be considered an employee.
  • Independent contractor PO's will go through an annual renewal process.
  • In general, employees cannot become independent contractors to their former employers within one year of termination of their employment.
  • All independent contractors must sign the employer's standard professional services agreement and obtain appropriate signatures.

How do you manage the Independent Contractor Relationship? If you...

Give instructions
Sponsor training
Set work hours
Require continuous full time work done on site
Set the sequence of work
Provide equipment to get the work done or
Require regular reports….

then you should probably be dealing with an employee, not an independent contractor.

What Options do You Have?

Option One: Change the nature of the engagement to meet the IRS qualification standards.
Option Two: Hire the independent as an employee of your company.
Option Three: Find an outside company or temporary agency, such as Duran HCP, who will hire your worker as their employee, handle all payroll taxes, and "lease" the worker back to you.

The outside company you work with must be reputable, financially solvent and carry the requisite appropriate insurance policies. Your purchasing department has reviewed and identified companies that meet these requirements.

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