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What is Duran Human Capital Partners?

Duran Human Capital Partners can be entrusted to find, recruit and retain top talent.

As a customer service driven, "One-Stop Shop" for Customized HR & Staffing Solutions, Duran HCP uses their knowledge, experiences and resources to tackle any staffing or HR challenge to accommodate all your staffing needs.

Whether it's Sourcing, Contract Recruiting Support, Training, Human Resource Consulting, Interim HR Management & Consulting, Employee Leasing / Alternative Workforce Management or Payroll Services, we are your solution.

Our established long term partnerships provide a strong foundation that will answer all your recruitment questions.

How do I contact Duran HCP?
We are located in beautiful downtown Campbell:
300 Orchard City Drive, Suite 142, Campbell, CA 95008
Email: marieli@duranhcp.com
Phone: 408 540-0072
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What are the advantages in partnering with Duran Human Capital Partners?
Cumulatively we have over 60 years of high tech experience. Through our expertise and professionalism, we have successfully worked with top companies throughout Silicon Valley by addressing almost every staffing scenario. For additional information on what sets us apart, please refer to Duran Human Capital Partners, Distinguishing Features, August 2007.
How does Duran HCP differ from other staffing agencies?

One of the things that set us apart is our skill and abilities in the Sourcing area. There are two halves to the staffing equation. One half is Sourcing or finding people for jobs. The other half is managing the employment process to get them employed by the employer. The second half is popularly called Employment Process Management. Although we do both, we are valued for our Sourcing skills and ability to train people in sourcing. Many staffing companies hire new Sourcer / Recruiters and put them on a desk with a phone and simply say, "Start Sourcing". At Duran, we have quantified various sourcing methodologies and teach Sourcers / Recruiters which ones to apply for any given job. Our sourcing techniques and capabilities are scaleable. That means we can support a company trying to develop candidates for one specific job, or we can help them fill 100 jobs.

Duran HCP has trained and placed hundreds of Sourcers and Recruiters in Silicon Valley, from entry level to Senior Individual Contributor and/or management status, and is intimately connected to the staffing industry. This has allowed us to establish a strong network and a solid reputation that sets us apart from other agencies. With a focus on hiring top candidates for top companies, we provide excellent service to our clients while also matching job opportunities to interested candidates. We run differently than most headhunting agencies in that we mainly recruit candidates for our clients versus marketing our candidates to various companies. Occasionally we'll assist candidates in career transition, but our primary focus is on the client.

What training does Duran Human Capital Partners provide?

We are known for our expert training capabilities in the recruitment sphere. We currently offer two different training programs. The first is a 4 week Sourcer / Recruitment training program for those interested in a new career in high tech recruiting.

The second is a one day Advanced Internet Sourcing Class designed to hone the Sourcing skills of the Sourcer / Recruiting professional. Duran HCP also remains current on all legislative actions and how they impact current trends in recruiting and Human Resources. This information is always incorporated into our 4 week Sourcer / Recruitment classes.

If I'm looking for a job, do I call you or email my resume to you?

You can email your resume and / or call to us. We are not your typical head hunting firm that markets you to different companies. If your background fits a position that one of our clients is trying to fill we will surely try to place you. If we are not able to match your skills and background to a current position, we will keep your resume on file for any future openings, and only submit your resume to one of our clients for possible job opportunities with your permission.

Job Advice for Professionals, Job Advice for Executives, and Social Networking, written by our CEO James Duran, are also available reference resources designed to help identify your dream job.

Payroll Services - How does Duran differ from other payroll services?

We aim to provide full HR & Staffing Services to our smaller clients. In addition, we can be the "co-employer" for a smaller company by making all your employees our employees, and offer a benefits plan fully customized to your needs. As part of this service, we offer free HR consulting. This is our PEO or Professional Employer Organization Service.

For a larger company, we might take on all your temps and or contractors, provide a VMS (Vendor Management Service) or aggregate billing service for other 3rd parties, and make sure there is a clean separation between the employees and the employer. With us as the primary co-employer, this will relieve you of any potential liability in the future by the employee who may want to make a case against the client as a secondary employer.

Contract Recruiting - What is Contract Recruiting and how does it differ from regular recruitment placement?

Contract Recruiting supplements your regular staffing functions. When faced with multiple job requirements that need to be filled in a short period of time, contract recruiting is a smart, cost effective alternative. We offer placement of onsite or offsite Sourcers / Recruiters with a client company/employer. We have been performing this service longer than any other Staffing Company in Silicon Valley.

Our expertise is in hiring highly skilled professionals in Marketing, Sales, Engineering, IT, etc., for a specific job, project, or task. Depending on the clients' needs, the contract will either be for a limited or extended time frame, and priced at an appropriate bill rate for the whole project or an agreed upon hourly wage. The bill rate of the contractor varies by the background and experience and assessed budget of the client. We have been known to send in a "swat team" of multiple high level contractors and recruiters to take on large staffing projects. Since Duran is known for Sourcer / Recruitment Training, we contract the highest caliber of recruiters in the Silicon Valley.