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Distinguishing Features

Duran HCP is both an HR Consulting and High Tech Staffing firm. Some of the things that set us apart from other HR & Staffing companies include:

• Sourcing & Recruitment Training
• HR & Employment Legislation - Knowledge & Advocacy
• Shared Resources & Expertise
• Technical Knowledge and Leadership
• Continuous Learning Environment
• Hispanic Business 500 & Diversity Procurement
• Core Values and Mission

Sourcing & Recruitment Training

One of the things that set us apart is our skill and ability in the sourcing area. There are two halves to the staffing equation, one half is Sourcing or finding people (for jobs). The other half is managing the employment process to get them employed by the employer. The second half is popularly called Employment Process Management. Although we do both, we are valued for our Sourcing skills and ability to train people in sourcing. Many staffing companies hire new Sourcer/Recruiters and put them on a desk with a phone and simply say, "Start Sourcing".

At Duran, we have quantified various sourcing methodologies and have learned to teach Sourcers/Recruiters critical thinking skills so they can decide which ones to apply for any given job. Our sourcing techniques and capabilities are scaleable. That means we can support a company trying to develop candidates for one specific job, or we can help them fill 100+ jobs.

Legislative Action & Advocacy

Duran HCP is involved in HR & employment legislation at the local, regional, state and federal levels. As a member of CalChamber (the California Chamber of Commerce), NCHRA, the Northern California Human Resources Association, and SHRM, the Society for Human Resources Management, Duran is regularly apprised of proposed legislation going on in the HR & Employment fields. We make trips to legislators' offices and visit with the legislators and / or their representatives; and we work with employer / professional associations to make our voice heard in advocacy, working with attorneys and legal advisors or lobbyists, and writing position papers on subjects impacting staffing and Human Resources for employers. Further, we stay current with interpretations and changes in administration of older or existing employment law. Finally, we provide expert advice to our clients in this regard and for us, it is simply a regular part of doing business.

Shared Resources and Expertise

As a mid sized HR Consulting and Employment services company, Duran has access to many resources and content knowledge which we make available to our employees. These resources enable the employees to provide better, faster, more comprehensive service to our clients, whether they are job board memberships, ancillary employment services/vendors, professional association memberships, or white papers, etc.

Technical Knowledge and Leadership

As a company, Duran HCP understands very well that in order to compete in Silicon Valley, you must understand what the competition is doing and how they are doing it. Duran has developed a methodology that enables our team and employees to be more fully informed to deliver optimal results to a client, because we make it our business to know what they do. We understand the concepts of branding and either promote or help to define our client's brand. We appreciate the growing importance of social networks and the right use of them to respect and not to inundate our constituencies with unwanted information and solicitations.

Continuous Learning Environment

Every employee is given opportunities for learning at Duran. We understand that it's not only about what you know and practice, but it's also important to refine our knowledge and thinking. Continuous learning is a part of what we stand for.

Hispanic Business 500 & Diversity Procurement

For the last three years, Duran HCP has ranked in the Hispanic Business 500, and was recently ranked #259 in the US for 2006. Duran has been an active member in Diversity organizations from the NMCDS / NCSDC (National Minority Supplier Development Council/Northern California Supplier Development Council); to Hispanic Net, an organization where Hispanic entrepreneurs, executives, innovators and investors come together to create market leading companies; to the Hispanic Chambers of Commerce at the Local, Regional, State and Federal levels, to Diversity.com. Our membership and participation in these organizations has enabled Duran to take a leading role in demonstrating awareness and value to the concept of Diversity in both supplier relationships as well as in staffing and employment. We do not get business because we are a minority owned company. We get business because we are competent in our domains of expertise. We provide value and concurrently promote and advocate the values of diversity in supplier and employment relationships.

Core Values and Mission

Duran understands the importance of and has defined its core values. We periodically review them to insure that they are internally consistent and representative what is important in the field of human capital management and development. One of our core values, for example is "Community". For Duran, it's not only about charging for services, but it's also about understanding the community we are part of, and why it's important to give back to it - not just to take.


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