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Proven high tech recruitment expertise in hardware, software, networking, telecommunications, semiconductor industries, biotechnology research, medical instrumentation, and related support technologies. We offer fully customized staffing solutions, both on site and off.

Contract Recruitment - Duran HCP Advantages

There are a number of reasons our high technology clients prefer to outsource part or all of their employment function, and choose Duran HCP as their preferred vendor. Some of the advantages include:

Expertise - Our management has over 30 years of experience in High Tech Recruitment, Employment and Human Resources. Combined with our background and passion for technology, our depth of experience allows us to understand your business and quickly get to work on your staffing needs.

Focus - On-site or off-site, we guarantee our expert recruiters will know your industry, understand its disciplines, and focus solely on the issues and needs of your hiring managers.

Scalability - We'll consult with you to evaluate, or help create, your hiring plan. Together we'll determine the most cost effective approach to your particular staffing scenario. Once your plan is implemented, you can add as much staffing resources as you need to get the job done.

Timeliness - Our extensive network of professional recruiters ensures you'll get the additional staffing help you need, when you need it.

Large Database - Duran HCP recruiters have access to various external databases, as well as our own proprietary Spyder Database for a "quick start".

Liability Protection - Both the IRS and California's EDD have increased their scrutiny of independent contractors. Since our recruiters are employees of Duran HCP, you'll be protected from the liabilities associated with non-conforming 1099's. [more on 1099 liability protection]

Insurance Coverage - Our recruiters are fully insured with General Liability, Errors and Omissions, and Automobile coverage. Many independent contractors don't carry the requisite Insurances, leaving your company open to loss in the event of a costly mistake, lawsuit or on-site accident.

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