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A flexible, affordable and intelligent approach to controlling the costs and liability of managing your contingent workforce. Managers and contractors will begin to focus on your bottom line instead of the irksome tasks associated with contracts, invoicing, compliance, and taxes.

Managing Your Contingent Workforce

Duran HCP offers a complete array of services to payroll and manage your contingent and temporary workforce. Regardless of the level of support you need, our rates and programs are both cost and time effective.

Strategies and proposals are customized to your specific situation, from payrolling contractors you've already identified to providing timely requisition fulfillment support, from 1099 compliance screening to creating and managing your entire alternative workforce plan.

We Can Help You Manage:

  • Payroll processes
  • 1099 compliance screening and management
  • Requisition fulfillment
  • Subvendor Management


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