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Corporate Officers

James Duran
(408) 540 0071
(408) 893 4905
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James began his career in Human Resources and Technical Recruiting over 25 years ago. He founded Duran HCP (formerly ProQwest, Inc.) in 1994 and is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable and respected figures in Silicon Valley recruiting today. MORE

Jim Foster
Vice President
Business Development & Operations
(408) 540 0071
(408) 893 4905
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Jim brings 12 years of fast paced leadership experience including a tour in the United States Army. Coming from the Integrated Circuit world, Jim helps provide structure to our fluid and creative organization. MORE

Sylvia Duran
Vice President
Community Relations
(408) 540 0032
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Sylvia has many years experience supporting small but growing companies and manages the multiple diversity programs at Duran HCP. MORE

Tracee Tulloh
Director of Business Development
(408) 540 0072
(408) 893 6044
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Tracee Tulloh joined Duran HCP in 1994. She is responsible for business development and customer service activities for the company. Tracee has worked with many Silicon Valley HR and Engineering professionals, assisting them in solving for their human capital requirements. MORE

Staff Members

Andrea Lawrence
Technical Recruiter
(408)540-0070 X 3182
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After earning a BA in Communication Arts at Temple University and studying Speech Pathology and Audiology at University of Colorado at Boulder, Andrea worked primarily in the telecommunications industry until discovering recruiting.  In 2006 she was introduced to the Duran HCP six week training course where she learned to source.  After a successful tour at Google as a sourcer, she returned to Duran to continue helping us develop our contract staffing department.  Blessed with a beautiful singing voice, she enjoys music, Latin-fusion music in particular.

Rocio Licea
Business Administrator
(408) 540-0070
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Rocio studied at Heald Business College resulting in being awarded an Associate of Arts in Administration. She then worked for 10 years at labors local union 270 in San Jose where she handled union treasury responsibilities as well as payroll and benefits management, specifically pensions. One of the great values she provided in that role was her fluency in both English and Spanish, translating newsletters and other materials. She joined Duran HCP in 2004, to help handle our payroll processing and is now managing the process with our accounting team. A fantastic cook (all of us at Duran HCP are happy about that) she has one very athletic son, who she adores.

Tracy Peterson
IT Manager/Technical Trainer
(408) 540-0076
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Tracy learned an affinity for machines and systems while repairing helicopters in the US Army. He has traveled and worked all over the world, from NY to LA to Hong Kong, picking up many valuable skills along the way. While working at Ninth House Network he learned a passion for training, while his experience at DMBB in Hong Kong showed him the joys of advertising and marketing. Rounding out the set Microsoft taught him to think in the long term and how to build extremely large and complex systems. At Duran HCP, Tracy uses all of these skills in tandem, managing the corporate IT infrastructure, while marketing and developing the training program. Tracy writes, directs and sometimes stars in his extra-curricular video projects, viewable on his blog and YouTube.


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