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James Duran

James is the founder and President of Duran HCP / ProQwest. Over the past 8 years, Duran HCP has worked with over 250 companies where our employees have placed or hired over 10,000 employees. The firm provides a range of Human Capital management consulting services including contract recruiting, contract staffing, search, human resources consulting, payroll service support and recruiter training programs to clients, consulting firms and affinity groups. The focus of the service offering is to create, measure, deliver and manage "actionable human resource strategies" with a staffing and retention focus.

In his professional career, Mr. Duran has over 30 years of experience in identifying, measuring and comparing the "commonalities" of highly successful engineers, sales and marketing professionals, business leaders, and organizations. James has worked in a multitude of high technology and life science industries with hundreds of senior executives and managers, emphasizing the importance of human capital strategies consistent with "best business practices."

James's work with successful founders, entrepreneurs, and business leaders in high technology has led to the development of several proven staffing methodologies and processes that measure human capital productivity and performance. The Duran HCP methodology executed by qualified and trained Human Resource and Staffing Professionals provides a success framework that has proven itself to be consistently successful in business today. In fact, there are specific predictors, critical success factors, behaviors, and business practices that contribute to success among people and organizations. These characteristics can be identified, measured, and compared over time as performance indicators to improve business results.

James serves as a Board Member of the Human Resources Consultants Association of the Silicon Valley (HRCA), and is the editor and publisher for the organizations' bi-monthly newsletter. The HRCA is an active participant in the GTRN or Global Technical Recruiting Network, where James takes an active role as Secretary. He is also an active member of SHRM (The society for Human Resource Management), and participates in four SHRM PEGS or Professional Emphasis Groups including: EMA, the Employment Management Association, HiTech Net, the Consultants Forum and the SHRM Global Forum. His commitment to each of these PEGS involves one or more meetings or conventions a year at various locations for professional development events. James is also a member of the Hispanic HR organization PMAA (Personnel Management Association of Aztlan), and a founding member of the fledgling HRA, Hispanic Recruiters Association. Not being a natural born leader (I had to learn this and am still struggling), James has been a member of TEC, The Executive Committee, for over three years and attributes much of his management and leadership skills to the learning and mentoring he has experienced in TEC, an organization of CEO's dedicated to enhancing the effectiveness of CEO's.

Throughout his life, James has been dedicated to the human resources profession. Interested in HRMSs or Human Resource management Systems since the early 80's, James took a lead role as the conceptual designer for Resumix, the earliest high volume AI image based resume scanning applicant tracking system. James is a frequent speaker on Internet related recruitment topics and is one of the teachers for ProQwest's/Duran HCP's Internet Recruiting Class. From 1970 while still in college at UC Berkeley, James entered the HR profession as a generalist and later moved on to several roles in various HR disciplines ranging from Generalist, Classification, Compensation, Employee Relations, Staffing, Diversity/EEO, etc. in both individual contributor and management capacities. In 1987, James embarked on his career as a consultant where he provided staffing and HRIS consultant services to various hi tech companies in the Silicon Valley. In 1994, James and Frank Goudaillier founded ProQwest (now Duran HCP) a diversified Staffing and Human Capital Consulting services company in the Silicon Valley. James lives in Morgan Hill, California, a rural Silicon Valley suburb, with his wife Lindsey, son Christian and daughters Olivia and Ashlee. His personal interests include skiing, tennis, computers & technology stuff and travel.


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