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Jim Foster

Jim is the Vice President of Operations and the designer of Duran HCP’s operational excellence programs. With several years of high level Silicon Valley experience, primarily in the Integrated Circuit sector, he provides a drive and discipline that inspires the team around him. Since 2005 he has worked to help Duran HCP grow and become more effective. He directly supports sales efforts and all of our clients through his effective leadership and guidance.

Jim focuses his efforts on growing the business and creating repeatable results for our clients. His analytical edge allows him to identify the best applications for our employees efforts in support of our customer’s needs.

Starting with the United States Army, Jim has actively sought out ways to create value with his employer throughout his career. In an environment where IT was barely heard of, he drove an effort to transform the way the headquarters of his battalion managed data. Realizing efficiencies in an organization with deeply rooted traditions and methods is no easy task and he took that experience with him into civilian life at Ziff Davis publishing in 1998. While working for the Executive Director of Sales, he managed the creation of collated forecast reports from sixteen business units, tracking over $140 million in advertising media sales. Jim architected and implemented an account tracking database to make this task much easier.

Most recently, Jim was responsible for a 20 million dollar sales revenue stream at Broadcom/ServerWorks. He was ranked top among his peers for his effective negotiation and developed several million dollars of new business for the company. While in this role he discovered the value of strategic partnerships and how to identify and build them. His customer servicing skills were tested and honed through the management of cross functional teams to address client product issues across three industry sectors.

Jim enjoys mental exercises such as astronomy, programming and chess as well as many outdoor activities like hiking and hang gliding. He can often be found walking his dog Ria in their neighborhood in San Jose.


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