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Sylvia Duran
Vice President, Business Development

Sylvia was awarded a full ride scholarship to go to cal state Hayward, but she was recruited for work at Pacific Bell. One of the last generation of manual switchboard operators, she didn’t like the way her wrists would get tired and she took to the air as a flight attendant with world airways. She was immediately assigned to prestigious international service and was able to travel the globe. Once she had almost seen it all, she chose to return to the south bay to raise a son.

Upon her return to the professional world, she sold real estate and helped her eldest Duran sibling, Daniel, develop his business. Over 12 years ago, Sylvia helped her other older brother, James, begin ProQuest Inc. She worked for the company in an administrative role, but was adept at wearing the many hats that are needed while a company is in startup mode. Two years ago, James approached her again to help him at Duran HCP as a liason to the various diversity organizations that Duran HCP supports on a regular basis. The Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Silicon Valley, Northern California Supplier Development Council, San Francisco Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and many others enjoy her attention as she works with them to help promote small business growth and development.

Sylvia maintains MBE accreditations for Duran HCP and manages business development by working with buyers who support minority businesses. One of her current development tasks is developing the subsidiary Duran Consumer Electronics, which focuses on the Hispanic market and provides support products such as financing.

Sylvia enjoys Salsa dancing, Skiing, Bowling, Golfing and many other sports of both the outdoor and indoor variety. Never shying from adventure, she plans to undertake skydiving as her next challenge. She lives in Santa Clara and is proud of her new place and her creative interior decorating.


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