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Client Testimonials

"As our recruiting needs expanded, Duran was able to immediately deliver a pool of highly qualified recruiting professionals. The recruiters from Duran are very seasoned, reliable, able to quickly assimilate to our processes and deliver results. We value our relationship with Duran because of their strong focus on meeting or exceeding customer needs and their commitment to building customer relationships."

Patricia Wyffels
HR Consultant

"Duran has provided payroll, temp staffing, sourcing and full time placement recruiting for me at various times in the last 6 years. Recently, as the owner of People Solutions, they have been a wonderful business partner by providing me with sourcing and recruiting support so that I may grow my business and provide the best candidates to my clients. The key factors that set Duran apart are the fact that they have worked with me to be a partner in my new business venture that I have now owned for 2 years. They have worked with me to make sure that I always have the best candidates and the best support for my clients. The factor that has made me successful is the fact that they are my partner and understand that the role is to support my business ventures and have been able to understand my role as the lead to the end client.

In the past I have worked with other staffing firms that would not be able to understand that this is critical to the success to a business and partnership like mine. In the past Duran has provided primarily technical and support positions as contractors and when I was working in-house and used their services, we often hired contractors. I have been very satisfied with the level of support from Duran. When we have a job to fill, there are candidates found very quickly. As most know, the need often changes and or shifts and the team is very good at adjusting to changes and coming up with the star. As a sole owner, it has helped me with gaining new business and be able to support my client's in more areas because I am able to leave most of the sourcing to the Duran Team. As an HR professional, I have been very successful by being able to offer my HR support along with excellent staffing support because of the support of the Duran team."

Darlene Forsythe
Principal, Human Resources and Staffing Consultant
People Solutions

"It has been my pleasure and good fortune to be associated with Duran HCP over the years. This is the company which gave me the opportunity to start and succeed in my career as a Technical Recruiter. This would not have happened if Duran HCP did not invest time and effort in training me. This point is magnified when you consider the fact that I was from the service industry background with only end-user computer experience. James and company quickly got me up to speed and were always there for support when I needed it.

Currently I am at Google. I would not be here if Duran HCP, Inc. did not take the time to train me on Google technology and processes. This level of personal attention is priceless when you are stepping into a new company or field. Duran HCP really excels in this area, from training to placement, they are always behind you."

Swan Boon
Lead Sourcer/Trainer

"As an independent Staffing Management Consultant I often face reluctance from prospect clients when it comes to a 1099 based relationship. For a number of Tax, Legal and Administrative reasons a W2 based consultancy agreement is preferred by most companies. Duran HCP. Inc has been providing this service for me since 1996. Duran has pay rolled me with clients such as Sony Electronics, Semi Power, Digital Magic,  Synopsys (2x), Philips Electronics, Legato Systems/EMC and Tasman networks. Additionally Duran has provided this service for my wife as well during her engagement with Google.

Duran HCPís process is non bureaucratic and personalized. They will cater to the consultants as well as the clientís preference with regard to enrolment, timecard authorization/submission and invoicing.  Duranís management team has a combined 100+ years of experience with Staffing and HR matters, this is expressed trough their willingness to assist consultants and clients alike with advice and access to relevant services.  A special mention for James Duran and Tracee Tulloh Owner and Account Manager who have given Duran the personal touch that I so appreciate in a business partner. I look forward to a continued relationship with Duran going forward."

Jim Reinsma
Staffing Management Consultant

Contractor Testimonials

"I began my career as a contract recruiter in 1981 and with the exception of 6 years as a direct employee I successfully worked full time as a contract recruiter for many Silicon Valley companies. In 2002 I took some "pre-retirement" and moved to Colorado. In early 2006 friends told me that recruiting in the valley was "heating up". After talking to 2-3 companies without satisfactory results I contacted Duran HCP.

Within two weeks Duran found me the best contract recruiting assignment I've ever worked. Duran expedited the process and I was hired over the phone. I started with Atheros Communications April 3, 2006 and there is no end in sight.

Duran provides me with benefits that would be very expensive for an individual; medical and dental insurance, life insurance and 401K. Being payrolled by Duran has eliminated some IRS issues I've experienced before, as well as the "12 month rule" some independents face.

Duran has been totally responsive to me and I am extremely satisfied with our association. I will definitely ask Duran to find me another contract when this one ends, or if I find one on my own I will request the company to employ me as a Duran employee."

David Ward
Engineering Recruiter
Atheros Communications, Inc.

"Duran is an integral part of Silicon Valley. Their reputation has been earned over 12 years assisting corporations of all sizes in nearly every industry segment to grow their business. That tight association with the savviest tech firms in the world ensures a constant and challenging funnel of opportunities for me and the other staffing professionals at Duran. What sets them apart are deep and long standing relationships with a vast number of valley companies. This depth and breadth results in industry diversity and opportunity in any economic climate.

I enjoy all aspects of the firm. Beginning with prospecting for new accounts to ensure that I remain engaged to providing office support and other members of the firm who can provide associated services. Because of the diverse nature of the their valley relationships I have been able to not only raise my level of exposure within a given corporation (recruiting Vice Presidents, PhD's and principle scientists), but I have been able to expand beyond the networking and telecommunications sectors into advertising and nano-technology.

I have always felt like I was part of family. Everyone takes their role seriously, but they don't take themselves too seriously. As a staffing professional I spend the majority of the time as an individual contributor, but I would not be successful if it weren't for all the great folks in the back office. I would absolutely recommend Duran HCP, Inc."

Therese Petralia
Contract Recruiter

"Making the transition from sales professional to recruiting pro was a fairly seamless process. Both jobs require initiative, discipline, and optimism. But I must also acknowledge the highly skilled coaching provided by Duran HCP and James Duran. Had it not been for this targeted training, I would have not been able to hit the ground running.

Under their leadership, I was exposed to the foundation of technology, and the main players driving technology innovation. At the same time, I was schooled in critical thinking, effective negotiating, advanced Internet search and precise screening. This has been a satisfying career change for me, and I give Duran HCP high marks for making it happen."

Heni Martin
Staffing Consultant
Yahoo! Search Marketing

"The sign up process at Duran is efficient and well-organized. I received all of my paperwork via regular mail and email, and all of the necessary paperwork was clearly identified and labeled. Steve Mun was incredibly effective and organized everything for me in a timely manner. He gave me the necessary contacts at Google and sent me all paperwork well in advance of any deadlines.

The time sheet process is extremely simple and straightforward. Michael Harrison has truly gone above and beyond with answering any questions and/or issues that I've ever experienced with WFL, and payment/expense reimbursement has been timely and accurate on each and every occasion. Michael is a superstar!

I travel extensively for Google, and thus far, I have received all reimbursement checks faster than any of the full-time Google employees. Regular payroll has also always been timely, and I get paid every 2 weeks via direct deposit. I haven't had ANY issues whatsoever. Having spoken to other contractors at Google, Duran is a lot more organized and efficient in several ways. While some agencies do manual time cards that need to be faxed in on a weekly basis, Duran uses Workforce Logic, thus making everything more streamlined and simple to use. Also, because of knowledgeable people like Michael and Steve, I often have answers to any questions well in advance of other independent contractors. I often end up filling in the blanks for them...

Service, service, service!!! Michael and Steve have been extraordinary to work with. Not only have they been exceptionally friendly and professional, they have truly gone above and beyond to help make my transition to Google an easy one. I applaud them both on a job well done. That coupled with the answers above, make Duran stand apart from the rest. Since everything is electronic, all forms are easily accessible and clearly identifiable. Also, the staff makes it a truly enjoyable and efficient experience each and every time. "

Alex Goro
Sales Account Coordinator

Trainee Testimonials

"Duran HCP provided me with training for Sourcing & Recruiting. Getting into recruiting was a career change for me and training with Duran was the break I needed to get into the industry. Duran made me feel comfortable, taught me a step by step approach, helped me shape my recruiting career and reach my potential.

I was very happy with the training program at Duran the material covers organizational structure of companies, Cold calling skills, research skills, technical know-how and acronyms, what is HR, who's who is recruiting, what is legal to say to a candidate, internet sourcing, research, recruiting processes and closing. It is a complete training and the curriculum is in a relaxed environment.

It is a very rich course and has enabled me to do the job successfully. In addition I contracted under Duran for my first contract. They were able to give me other Sourcing opportunities in between positions that provided me the opportunity to work from home and have a flexible schedule. I am extremely grateful that Duran happened to me at the right time. I have very high regards for James Duran and Tracee Tulloh at Duran HCP."

Sunita Gopal

"Iíve worked as a contract sourcer/recruiter for Duran clients for almost 2 years now, and have been payrolled by Duran the entire time. I really liked the ease of the initial setup Ė unlike other services Iíve used, it was very easy, just a few clicks and youíre done. My favorite part of the service is the intuitive workflow of the time sheet submittal process, and the fact that Duran personnel are so easy to get a hold of if I have a question about my payroll numbers. These things are very important to me, and in my book really make Duran stand out compared to the other services that are available. Duran also scores a lot of points in that when you contact them for information, thereís no transferring to different individuals/departments to get your questions answered. Duranís staff is well trained, knowledgeable, and extremely personable. In my experience, this isnít something that other firms offering this service are unable to provide.

When it was time for me to move on to my next assignment, I requested that my new employer keep me on the Duran payroll service. I didnít want to take a chance on not ending up with the same service level that Duran has been able to provide, both online and in person. I look forward to continuing my relationship with them, and would recommend them to anyone looking for excellent payroll service with a personal touch."

Catherine Hansen
Technical Sourcer/Recruiter

"I have had the opportunity to utilize Duranís payroll service for over a year and a half. During that year and a half, I transitioned between contracts at different client sites: Google and Affymetrix. Throughout that time I had a seamless and uninterrupted transition in payroll service.

Having been a 1099 contractor as well as a payroll contractor in the past, I have first hand experience of the stress and frustration of anticipating taxes and withholdings, etc. Duran offers a unique and wonderful service which takes care of everything for me. The electronic time sheet submittal process is a breeze and my paycheck is automatically deposited in my checking account every two weeks like clock work.

If I have questions I simply email them and I get answers efficiently. In the past, the other payroll company I used had a tangled web of red tape and answering machines which never guaranteed to answer any question. I am able to focus and do my job because they do their job so well."

Stephanie Buran

"I knew I needed to change careers but didn't know where to start. A good friend of mine suggested I go into recruiting since I had a technical background. I found Duran HCP when my wife encouraged me to call the Latino Chamber of Commerce and they referred me to Duran HCP. The folks at Duran HCP promised to teach us everything we needed to know about recruiting. Not only did we learn everything from finding candidates to getting them hired (and more), but James Duran, owner of Duran HCP, said that he had a certain hourly rate as a goal for us to meet within the next three years. At the time, the rate seemed preposterous. I'm happy to say, two years into my new career, I surpassed that goal. Thanks Duran HCP!"

Tony Guzman
Recruiter & Talent Scout