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Do you want a career as a high tech recruiter or sourcer? Are you trying to manage a difficult hiring request while maintaining a team's development? We offer training that will help you or your staff fully develop their sourcing and recruiting skills. We are constantly refining and creating new techniques to provide our trainees with the bleeding edge in recruiting expertise. Come to one of our training classes to learn from experts and see your goals come within reach.

Advanced Internet Recruiting Class

This module arms your recruiters/sourcers with the many tools that will enable them to find candidates that are not readily available to the public. Anyone can use a paid job board, but once those resources are used up, a good sourcer/recruiter must be able generate results on their own. We will teach you how to find anyone from active resume searches to passive candidate profiling. This module of the class is intensive, but will yield good resumes/profiles if followed correctly. The chapters of this module include:

• Understanding & using search engines correctly, and finding the right ones for the right technology sector.
• Constructing advanced search strings, understanding Boolean logic and utilizing the free software search tools that available.
• Getting the most out of search engines like Google, Yahoo & Microsoft Live by tapping into their powerful search features - if the resume you want is out there, then we can teach you to find it.
• Targeting your searches by discipline, location and experience.
• Using a wealth of online communities and professional associations that are proven to yield results.
• Tracking down candidates by using people search engines and other public databases.
• Mining technical user groups and forums that lead you to the right candidate.
• Networking through passive recruiting sites like Linkedin, Xing, Facebook and blogs.
• Finding the right information for your targeted searches through online databases like EDGAR archives and the US Patent & Trademark Office.
• Competitor company searches that will expand your pool of possible candidates.
• Powerfully utilizing newsgroups to find those hard-to-reach passive candidates.

This one-day class is targeted towards recruiters, sourcers, HR coordinators, or anyone who needs to brush up their sourcing skills. This is a hands-on interactive experience with exercises to ensure maximum retention, and take home materials for further review.

Technology Training Sessions

Are you looking to improve your understanding of technologies related to sourcing/recruiting? Duran Human Capital Partners is starting a series of evening training sessions that will help you understand technology terms, recognize key players within industry segments, and review resumes with more accuracy.

Why Technology Training? Because a better understanding of your positions will yield better hires, earn you respect with your hiring managers & peers, and put you a step above the competition. These sessions are evening classes that can be taken individually or all together for a complete picture of technology as it relates to staffing.

The better you know your company's reqs, the better you can recruit the right people for them. The more you understand the technology within your company's reqs, the greater the candidate pool. Here are some of the concepts that are included in these training sessions:

• Operating Systems
• Programming Languages
• Network Protocols, Equipment and Transmission Methods
• Databases
• Mobile Software Development
• Biotechnology and Medical Devices
• Semiconductors & Processors

These sessions are targeted towards recruiters, sourcers, HR coordinators, or anyone who wants to understand technology terms and concepts within the industry. Technology Training sessions take the mystery out of high-tech and turn it into a powerful staffing ally. The training is hands-on and take home materials are included.

Interview Training Class

Do you keep control of an interview and get to every question that you need to in time? Are you formulating the right interview questions based off of the job requistion requirements? Do you know how to manage your candidate's expectations? Duran Human Capital Partners has a customizable one-day class for interview training.

Why Interview Training? Because careless interviews can turn a candidate off. The number one reason that candidates decline offers is because of the way they were treated during hiring process. By managing their expectations and properly getting to the point with the right questions, you should be able to eliminate the guesswork out of interviews. Here are some of the concepts that are included in these training sessions:

• How to Ask Questions without Being Discriminatory
• Conducting a Telephone Screen & Developing Your Own Script
• Managing Candidate Expectations
• Structuring & Evaluating Your Interviews
• Turning Your Company's Culture into a Selling Point
• Giving Candidates the Best Impression of Your Company
• Behavioral Interviewing & Critical Dimension Questions
• Mock Interviewing & Analysis

This class is targeted towards recruiters, sourcers, HR managers, or anyone who wants to create solid interviewing skills while turning the candidate's hiring experience into positive results. The training is hands-on and take home materials are included.


Sourcer/Recruiter Training Program

Our well known four week complete sourcer/recruiter training course has prepared many people for careers in the technical recruiting industry. With our graduates placed in well known silicon valley companies, we are proud to say that our training is the only one proven to prepare you for success as a technical recruiter or sourcer. We cover every aspect of the recruitment cycle of finding, screening and placing a candidate.

• Key technical proficiencies to properly understand a job requisition.
• How to screen candidates to verify qualification for the job.
• How to prepare qualified candidates for the interview process.
• Use search engines correctly and master the fine art of search strings.
• Find passive candidates using "email cold calling" techniques.
• How to perform all recruitment tasks within the laws governing HR.

This class is designed to prepare an individual for a career in technical recruiting at some of the most demanding workplaces in silicon valley. Trainees should be college graduates with a high scholastic aptitude. Previous experience in a corporate work environment and basic computer skills will be helpful.

A brief screening interview will be conducted before registering qualified applicants

Next Classes: Target date for the 4-week Sourcer Training Program is postponed until January 2009. Duran HCP is now offering the modules contained within our 4-week Sourcer Training Program separately. These include the Technology Training & Interview Training, which can be taken now, and soon to follow modules related to the sourcing/recruiting process.
Instructor: James Duran
Cost: Please call to find out