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Proven high tech recruitment expertise in hardware, software, networking, telecommunications, semiconductor industries, biotechnology research, medical instrumentation, and related support technologies. We offer fully customized staffing solutions, both on site and off.

Getting Started

Once we've met with you and/or your team, and understand your business, culture and specific hiring needs, we will:

Locate the Best Available Candidates - Between our current staff and our extensive network of seasoned recruiters, we can usually provide you with at least three excellent candidates in a matter of days.

Send you Profiles, Resumes and Rates: All candidates are pre-screened, and interviewed before we forward their resumes to you. We'll then send you our profile of their experience, as well as their contract rate, along with their resume. You then decide which candidates you would like to schedule for an interview with your team.

Set Up Interviews - The recruiters you select will be set up with interviews with your hiring team.

Provide Feedback - Our contract Administrators will ensure both you and recruiter candidates are kept up to date and "in the loop". Those not chosen for the job or scheduled for additional interviews will be dismissed professionally.

Develop and Implement Recruitment Strategy - Once you have selected your recruiter, we will continue to work closely with both you and our consultant to further develop and implement your recruitment strategy. Some of our follow up support includes hiring manager workshops, ongoing recruiter education, and sourcing resource development.


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